Saturday, November 2, 2013

Down 21-9, five minutes to go, and Iowa punts

Here's why the "punting was the right choice" is logically flawed regarding today's game.

It's actually very simple.  EVERY game under Kirk except maybe parts of 02 and 04 the defense is expected to win the game.  The teams we play know this.  They know we are not going to run a fake or do anything exotic.   They know once we are up by 10 points we will take our foot off the pedal. That makes preparing for us rather easy.  We've done them the favor of eliminating much of their homework and their practice sessions can be more focused.

Basically we've handicapped ourselves.  You might be able to get away with that when playing the Cyclones or Gophers or Wildcats.  But not the Badgers. 

Our offensive production is based on our defense controlling the game.  Well expecting our defense to do to Wisconsin what they did to NW or Minny or Iowa State was the sign that the HC can't make distinctions in the quality of our opponents.  Wisconsin isn't Northwestern or Minnesota or Iowa State.  Wisconsin has been to three straight rose bowls. 

Think of it like this.  If you were to fight a girl, would your strategy change compared to fighting a guy?  Of course it would.  They are two different animals.  But our game planning remains the same for all 12 opponents.

With 5 minutes remaining and down 21-9.  We weren't going to win with defense.  At that point in the game you win with offense.  That means you're gonna have to take some risks.  I bet Wisky wasn't surprised at all we punted.  But if the shoe was on the other foot, Wisky would've either gone for it or ran a fake punt.  And it would've likely worked because they would be doing something we would never try
And because we would never try it, we are never prepared for it.


Nice return to open the second half.  Cotton has been woefully under-used during his career.

Well we deferred and it didn't work.  We needed to establish ourselves to open the second half and came out and played like shit.  Couldn't even get a flubbed punt.  Our team reflects it's coach.  It can't stand positive opportunities.

Kirk threw his players under the bus with the quote indicating we need to execute perfectly otherwise we should expect to lose.  WHAT FUCKIN TEAMS EXECUTE PERFECTLY?!  None!

Hey Kirk, how about we try a fake once in a while?  I mean you lose every time someone tries it against you.  How about dishing out what destroys you?

So LeShun Daniels and Bullock are supposed to win this game?  How about Weisman and Canzeri?  

Again, why are we not throwing the ball to Powell?  I'm going to come back to this point again and again.


Rudock sucks today.  He just missed K-Mart being open for a TD.  Instead he went to Shumpert.

Failed on 4th down.  EVERYONE KNEW WHO WAS GETTING THE BALL.  Kirk can't think outside the box.

Wisky is trying to give this game away and Kirk is saying "NO!" to Wisky's gift.

Lousy field position.

And of course Iowa fails at field position.  Wisky doesn't.  Because Wisky plays to win.  Iowa plays to win the "gentleman" award.

Immediate TD for Wisky.


Kirk deserves to be fired for getting rid of KOK and Norm Parker.  All of Kirk's success was because of those two.  And then he hung them out to dry for his failures.

We put in CJ Bed for Rudock and now it's time to run the ball?!  Uh, how about we use CJ's throwing ability?

MORRIS deserves better than Kirk.


Jesus Kirk how fucking stupid are you to wait till nearly the 4th quarter to give our fastest RB some touches.

We have two speedsters:  Powell and Canzeri.  Yet Kirk doesn't use these weapons hardly at all.  Coaches like a position coach rather than a head coach.

Nothing but FG's today.  Sign of a bad coach.  I'm just keep ripping Kirk to shreds, that's what he has done to the fanbase.  He has made his entire HC career at Iowa about money and now he is reaping what he has sowed.

I'm glad Kinnick isn't selling out anymore.  Barta needs an excuse to fire Captain Coward.  Brian Ferentz has proven that he has learned all the wrong lessons from his father.  What lessons?  Complain about the Kinnick gravy train (on twitter) when you under-perform as a coach.

Now the defense will is breaking down after realizing they have to win the game because our offense isn't allowed to risk anything.  

Iowa with sucky field position means another turnover and Wisky puts the game away.  That's my prediction.

Tevaun Smith runs a route perfect for Powell.  

Now Canzeri gets to carry it deep in our territory.  Here's a thought.  CJ Fed - Powell - Canzeri.  They should've been targeted the whole game.  Instead Shumpert and true freshman Daniels is supposed to win this game.

Another INT.  CJ Bed still needs to see the field the rest of this game.  That's right, I call him CJ Bed as a juxtaposition with CJ Fed.  At this point I need any fun I can find.

And of course the game is over.  Wisky has 21 points and Kirk thinks 21 points equals "running up the score".  Therefore he would never want to insult a good team by scoring 21 points on them.  Kirk sucks at home and on the road. 

Kirk's MO:  Lose the second half every time. 

Wisconsin without their best player Borland and we lose at home.  Why do I say this with 5 minutes remaining in the game?  Because we just punted on fourth down which means Kirk has officially given up on this game.  What a coward.

I will be calling for Kirk to resign every Saturday from here on out.  Iowa had many chances to take control and win this game but Kirk played scared every chance he was given.  There is no greater coward in college football than Kirk Ferentz.  He has the best LBers in the league.  He has quality QBs.  He has speed with Canzeri and Powell and CJ Fed yet refuses to target them.  He is dumb and scared.  That's a recipe for Cyclone seasons.  Which is what he has given us 4 years in a row.  After having tons of momentum coming off the 2009 season.

It's now a blow-out.

Wisconsin is what Iowa used to be:  A program that wins games against competition that is equal or inferior.  

Iowa isn't even a program that can win consistently against inferior competition.



Sorry, I've been MIA for a while.  I'm back and let's get this game in gear.

Iowa kicks off and Wisky downs it in the endzone.

Badgers are 48% on third down, BUT THEY THROW AN INTERCEPTION!!

Rare turnover for Wisconsin.  Let's see what Kirk does.

Two throws that went nowhere. 

3rd and 3 in Wisky territory and WE ARE GOING TO PUNT?!?  I hate Kirk's field position strategy.  It's just good enough to keep Iowa playing to the level of our competition.  It would be better if we learned how to play above our competition.  Especially against MAC teams and Iowa State.

Iowa punt and Wisky fair catches at their 8 yard line.

3 and out!  Now I wish we would go for the block.  Wisky will probably fake the punt and get a first down.

Punt downed at the 39.  Iowa must score this time.  When you start inside your rival's territory for the first two possessions of the game and fail to convert you've basically given your opponent all the momentum.  Plus Iowa isn't going to win in a low scoring contest today.  Wisky won't score 10 points like Northwestern did.

Lucky spot for Iowa.  Those extended running plays are a bad idea.  Wisky has a great defense.

Great, first down and then a 5yd penalty.  Takes us out of field goal range.  WHERE THE FUCK IS POWELL!  This is where you need him to sprint to the end zone.

Horrible spot by the zebras!


These stretch plays are for MAC teams, not B1G teams.

Throw is to CJ.  Nope K-Mart drops it.  WTF?!

3 points after two drives inside Wisky territory.  That's pathetic.

Ugh, just showed Kirk peeing down his pants in 2010 with the fake FG allowing Wisky to win.

First 3 drives of the game Iowa starts in great field position.

I like the passing strategy.  The WRs need to catch the ball.

What happened to Canzeri?  Wisky has thunder and lightning.  Why can't we try that?

3 and out.

Announcers just stated the truth.  "IOWA IS NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF GREAT FIELD POSITION."  This will come back to bite us in the second half.

Nice punt by CK.

Finally, a penalty on Wisky.

Spielman called it.  They were going for Abbrederis.

4th straight drive with awesome field position.  If Iowa comes away with 3 points after 4 gifts in a row there is all the proof you need Kirk sucks on game day.

WE ALL SAW THE STRETCH PLAY COMING KIRK!!!  Let's try not and telegraph all our plays coach.

Again, where is Powell?!

Jesus, punting at Wisky's 35 yard line?  Can't even muster up a fake.  Kirk needs to be fired.  He really plays not to lose every game.  A coward's strategy.

Kirk doesn't know how to deal with success on the field.  You give Urban Meyer great field position to start the game 4 consecutive times and he gets a minimum of 21 points.  Kirk gets 3 points.

3rd and 1 I bet Kirk calls a stretch play.

He did but got lucky and we get the first down.


Great, a holding call against Iowa.  We'll probably punt from the Wisky 24 yard line.

Did we just throw the ball ZERO yards to POWELL?!

Are we scared of the endzone?!

Spielman calls it.  Throw it to 6'7" CJ Fed.  Guy is a freak athlete.

Rudock has really struggled today.

No fake FG means we only have 6 points after having everything go Iowa's way in the first half. Timid coaching by a timid coach.  Kirk should coach the Hawkeye chess team.  Though he would suck at that because strategy is his weakness.

Now Wisconsin will march down and score a TD and everything Iowa did will be erased.  That's what happens when you play not to lose.  YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We might want to learn how to tackle the QB when we run into him.

CALLED IT!!!  Wisky TD and they will win this game because Kirk has no idea how to put his foot on the neck of a decent team.

Now we run out the clock at the end of the half.  Kirk is worth 1 million per year IMO.  That's generous for a guy who will average 6 wins over the next 5 years and then retire.  Having turned the football program into a money laundering scheme for his family.  Probably be at least 5 family members on the payroll by then.

CJ Beathard needs to get some plays today.  How about CJ to Powell??!!

Rudock is playing scared.  Get him out of there.

Wisky is going for points.  Kirk would sit on the ball at this point.  That's why Wisky will win and Iowa will lose.  They understand you have to play for points - NOT FOR FIELD POSITION.

Wisky nearly takes a 10-6 lead into half time.  IOWA WILL LOSE THIS GAME.  Kirk is not near as good as Wisky's last 3 coaches.  He and his family should be fired.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Holding every play by the Spartans.

MSU up 23-14.  They completely owned Iowa in the 3rd quarter.  Just like they did in the first quarter.  Iowa's defense is getting no help from the offense.

Iowa needs to score TDs from here on out.  FG's will lose this game, not win it.

3rd and 23 I bet Iowa runs it.

MORRIS IS A GOD!  He will play in the NFL.  Nice interception.

Bullock is slow and weak and has poor vision for a RB.

Meyer missed a 50yard FG.  Not his fault.  Should've executed a fake on 4th and 9.  They are asking too much of Meyer.  Kirk really loves to win games on FG's rather than TDs.  That's the thinking of a mediocre coach.  At the end of the first half our punt returner could've caught it and then Iowa could've thrown a hail mary.  Ohio State plays ever second of both haves.  Witness what they did to Wisky.  Iowa likes taking a knee to end both halves.  One team wants to win.  The other team wants to hit the locker room.  Big difference in coaching style, and consequently, number of wins.

I'm pissed on Morris did something awesome and Kirk makes sure we get zero points off his nice work.

Up-tempo worked in the second quarter.  Of course we went away from it.  That's on Kirk.  He's supposed to recognize what is working and demand we stay with it.

MSU in clock burning mode.  This is where they win the game.  Kirk won't use any time outs even though he should.

Give the Lou Groza award to the MSU kicker.  Dantonio up 26-14.  Game over.

Very disappointed that Kirk went away from the up-tempo in the second half.  In 2011 after Iowa's legendary comeback against Pitt using a hurry-up offense we rarely used it again that season and started our slide toward insignificance.


Michigan State wants this game more.  End of story. 

Hawkeyes vs Spartans - Live Blog - FIRST HALF

 Ugly slug fest.

Dear Kirk, running ain't gonna work.  USE DAMOND POWELL EARLY AND OFTEN.

Looks like Dantonio is going conservative.  Nope going for it on 4th and 1.

Morris and company is nails.  They hold on 4th and 1!!!!


INTERCEPTION!  Rudock phucks up.  Ball under thrown.  That ain't gonna get it done.

But don't make the mistake of thinking we're gonna win by running it.  Rudock is going to have to step up his game.

As usual Iowa defense if going to have to win the game.

Missed field goal!  Thank god.  Iowa is getting beat in the first quarter when it comes to execution.  We're going to have to step up our game or Michigan State will win ugly 16-13.

Parker deserves props for making great calls with corner blitzes.

Bullock is terrible.

3rd and 1 and we go for the bomb.  I don't mind the call.  It didn't work but running it is a fools errand until we loosen up the defense.  But why did we use Cotton when Powel is available?

Michigan State is making first downs Iowa is not.  That defines this game so far.  Not good for Iowa.

1st quarter comes to an end zero to zero.  Iowa is getting pushed around by a more physical team right now.  Lucky to have a tie score.

Iowa defense needs a turnover.  Field position is killing Iowa.

Officials just missed an obvious foul on Spartan wide receiver.

We are making Connor Cook look like Joe Montana.

Spartans are going to foul all game long.  They came to play sand-lot football.

Missed tackle means Spartans get first down.  Shit!

How about a fuckin INT?!

We really need a turnover.  

MSU probably won't win by running.  But their passing game shows it can win.

Passing down time for an INT.

Picked up the blitz and MSU goes on top!

Draper needs to sit on the bench for several hours.

We are officially behind 10-0.

You better keep Damond Powell in the game Kirk!

Iowa is going to lose this game because Kirk has no creativity in the offense department.

Zero first downs at home.

NOW we go uptempo?  A little late coach.

Spartans are faking injuries to slow the game down.  Hope the refs get that fixed.

TD Bullock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He can't run but he can receive!!!!!!

Now we need the D to get a turnover.

We need to stay uptempo for the remainder of the game.

30 yard kick return.  Step it up special teams.

Spartan offense is doing the cheap shot two step.  Where are the refs?

Need to hold them on 3rd and 7.

Good play by Lowery.

Iowa has good field position and needs to score here.

FACE MASK not called!

Need a TD here to go up 14-10.

Kirk goes conservative.  Don't do it!


Seriously we need more TE involvement.

Rudock and Greg Davis have turned it around.

MSU will throw a hail mary here.

Announcers said stay aggressive.  Iowa lets the ball roll on the punt and then takes a knee.

Friday, October 4, 2013

I actually agree with this and you should too if integrity is important to you.


Thursday night in Ames, Iowa, the college football world learned something about replay booths, and it just might have prevented Mack Brown from getting fired on the spot in a Lane Kiffin-like manner. (At the very least, it would have sealed Brown’s fate at Texas; there’s no way a loss to Iowa State would have enabled Brown to survive beyond 2013.) What’s even more of a shame? Impoverished replay review policies denied Iowa State’s players a victory on a night when they outplayed Texas.

The replay review policy that prevented Iowa State from getting a deserved win is this: Replay booths and their reviewers are not given the audio feed of the game when they review plays. Replay booths are only equipped with the video feed. This explanation will help you understand why the replay booth did not (and perhaps could not ) determine that Iowa State stripped the ball from Texas running back Johnathan Gray with roughly one minute left in regulation. However, this is an explanation that's more complicated than one might first think.

Let's start with the obvious: The audio feed on the broadcast clearly indicated that the stripped ball was in possession of Iowa State a half-second (if not a full second) before the whistle blew to signal a dead ball. However, the Big 12 officials ruled that Gray was down by contact. This means the officials did NOT rule that Gray was down as a matter of forward progress, and more specifically, the cessation of it. In other words, this was a ruling based on sight (was Gray down by contact?), and not on sound -- more specifically, the sound of the whistle relative to when the ball was stripped by Iowa State.

It's true that forward progress cannot be reviewed unless the touching of the plane of the goal line is in question. Since this play occurred at the 2-yard line, forward progress was unreviewable. Had Gray been 1.5 yards closer to the goal line, the play would have been reviewed. (That's another really stupid replay review policy when you think about it, but there isn't enough time to go through every deficient policy.) Yet, even though forward progress was not technically under review on this disputed play (meaning that the whistle was irrelevant), it's still worth identifying a deficient aspect of the replay review process that might have influenced the chain of decisions that came from the on-field crew and the booth at the end of this game.

Remember, here, that college football has in recent years allowed plays to be reviewed and overturned when a runner is ruled down. If a fumble occurs and the opposing team promptly recovers, some situations allow for the dead-ball ruling to be overturned, and for the recovering team to be awarded possession. If that’s the case, there’s no real reason why an audio feed can’t be used to determine the timing of the whistle on a play involving forward progress near the goal line... or at any other place on the field.

However, the absence of an audio feed from the booth means that the officials on the field were not in a position to make a ruling based on forward progress. For the purpose of being able to review the play, they had no choice but to rule Johnathan Gray "down by contact" as opposed to being "stopped by forward progress," because the lack of an audio feed in the booth means that the booth could not make a determination of when the whistle occurred relative to the strip.

Yet, when you look at that play, it was precisely the kind of running play in which a "forward progress" ruling made more sense than a "down by contact" ruling. The runner was stacked up and stopped in a pile, even though his legs kept churning.

Texas actually had a potentially legitimate argument here: Gray's forward progress had been stopped. If the whistle had preceded the strip, the Longhorns would have stood on solid ground. The fact that the whistle came after the strip, though, denied Texas that bit of argumentative leverage. By any reasonable standard or measurement, Iowa State should have gained possession, and the lack of an audio feed in the booth limited the on-field crew's options in terms of its ability to shape both the initial ruling and the subsequent review process in the booth.

All in all, one would think that a replay system would not be constrained by policies that clearly make no sense.

Field goals can’t be reviewed if they fly above the upright, but they can be reviewed if they don’t?

Replays can involve a visual component, but they can’t use an audio feed to determine the timing of a whistle?

Forward progress can be reviewed at the goal line, but not at the 2-yard line?

Come on, college football rules and replay overseers. It’s the 21st century. All athletes – especially Iowa State’s – deserve better.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well the accolades just keep piling up!

The boyz at ESPN have this to say about Mark Heisman:  

Graham–George Offensive Player of the Year
1. Iowa RB Mark Weisman (Last week: 3): The offensive player of the year trophy is totally up for grabs right now, but why not Weisman? He's second in the Big Ten in rushing (615 yards), leads the free world in carries (119) and has helped the Hawkeyes establish a definite identity. 

They don't stop there.  This is what they have to say about James Morris:   Nagurski–Woodson Defensive Player of the Year

 3. Iowa LB James Morris (LW: NR): The Big Ten defensive player of the week for his effort at Minnesota, Morris is leading a talented Hawkeyes linebacker group and captains a much-improved defense that is stuffing opponents' run games. 

The guy I've been ripping:  Dave McClain/Hayes–Schembechler Coach of the Year 

 3. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa: Like Beckman, Ferentz has turned fan grumbling into early optimism with his 4-1 start. We'll see whether Iowa or Illinois can keep this going. 

Oh you thought I was done?  Not a chance.

B1G Defensive Player of the Week
James Morris, Iowa
Sr., LB, Solon, Iowa/Solon
• Recorded eight tackles, including a sack, and an interception in Iowa’s 23-7 victory on the road against Minnesota
• Was part of the defensive effort that held Minnesota to just 30 yards rushing, more than 250 yards below its season average
• His interception came with just over four minutes to play in the game, allowing the Hawkeye offense to run out the clock
• Claims his first Defensive Player of the Week honor
• Last Iowa Defensive Player of the Week: B.J. Lowery (Sept. 23, 2013)


University of Iowa defensive back B.J. Lowery has been named the Jim Thorpe Defensive Back of the Week after his performance in Iowa's 59-3 win over Western Michigan last Saturday. The announcement was made Wednesday by the Jim Thorpe Association. The Jim Thorpe Award is a member of the National College Football Awards Association (NCFAA), which encompasses the most prestigious awards in college football.
The senior from Cincinnati, Ohio recorded two interceptions returned for touchdowns in addition to his four total tackles on the day. His first score of the day was a 35-yard return with 56 seconds remaining in the second period. His second touchdown covered 13 yards and came on Western Michigan's first possession of the third period.
Lowery is the first Hawkeye ever with two interception return touchdowns in a single game and the second Big Ten player to accomplish the feat since 1998. He has three interceptions in Iowa's last two games. 


 Iowa's Mike Meyer was recognized as one of the "Stars of the Week" by the Lou Groza Award on Monday. Meyer accounted for 12 points in Iowa's 23-7 victory Minnesota last Saturday, helping the Hawkeyes secure the Floyd of Rosedale for the second straight year. In addition to field goals of 49, 46 and 25 yards, the Dubuque, Iowa, native was 2-for-2 on extra point attempts to extend his PAT streak to a school record 100, which is sixth in Big Ten history and the fourth-longest active streak in the nation. Meyer has 53 career field goals and 278 points, with both marks good for third place all-time in the Iowa record books. 2002 Lou Groza Award winner Nate Kaeding remains the all-time leader in both categories. Meyer currently leads the team in scoring with 43 points.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who's HOT? CFN says Iowa is HOT!

Stockpile more shares in … Iowa
Yeah, the schedule is about to get a whole lot tougher, but the Hawkeyes have quietly stabilized behind the D and the blue-collar running of Mark Weisman. Iowa won its fourth straight game, walking out of Minnesota with Floyd of Rosedale. Now at 4-1, with a little tailwind, head coach Kirk Ferentz and his kids can finally exhale for a change.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

2nd Half LIVE BLOG - Haweyes Vs Gophers (more crappy grammar)

Okay, I was pretty negative in the first half despite our domination.  But inside I was as giddy as a little girl.

We need to finish out this game and Kirk has struggled with that for 15 years.  Prove me wrong Kirk.

Morris delivers again.

Defense forces another punt.  They are nails.

Thank goodness the missed INT didn't cost us anything.

Iowa needs to score here.  17 points can be erased very quickly.  We need to take away all hope to finish out this game.

SCHUMPERT in the game?!?

Rare drop by Martin-Manley.  Damn!

Weisman for Heisman.  He's too strong.

Walsh just killed us with a hold.  Get him out.  He's struggling today.

Nice FG by Meyer but we have left a lot of points on the field today.

Defense needs to score to make up for some timid coaching.

Horrible special teams play.

We all saw that TD coming.  Typical Iowa collapse down the stretch.

Really?  We're gonna bleed the clock while in the 3rd quarter?

Ran the same exact play twice in a row.  Are you kidding me?

BTW, luv Bullock but need more Weisman.

4th quarter Iowa with the ball.  Score a TD here and Minny has a huge mountain to climb.

That interception signals the end of the game for Iowa.  Rudock just made a huge mistake.  Kid, dont' throw into coverage up 20-7 in the 4th quarter.

It is so unfair Kirk makes the defense win every game.

Really passing down and we're not gonna blitz?

Fake punt coming up.

Kill didn't do it.  Big mistake.  Iowa can't defend the fake.

Why don't you keep giving it to Weisman Kirk?

JAMES MORRIS IS A GOD!!  Nice interception.

Now Iowa needs to keep the ball and take a knee at the Minny 5 yard line.

Kill and Kirk manage the clock in the same sucktacular way.

Canzeri sighting!  Seriously why isn't he seeing more touches?

Congrats to the Hawkeye players for winning 23-7.  

Iowa is starting to come together and believe in themselves.

LIVE BLOG first half - Iowa v Minny (forgive the grammar)

1st drive and Captain Coward gets too conservative.  Even the announcers said it was a bad decision.  Iowa near Minnesota's 40yard line with 2 yards to go and they punt.

Iowa defense came to play.  They are gonna make Minnesota pass the ball.  We'll find out if Nelson or Leidner can do just that.

Will Kirk use speedster Powell today?  If so, when?

Oh God Kirk hasn't learned anything.  4th and 2 at the Gopher 32 yard line and he kicks a field goal.  STUPID! 

And why the hell is Bullock getting carries in favor of Weisman?  Kirk will never again get back to bullies of the big ten until he becomes ruthless in the scoring department.

Horrible pass by Rudock.

Iowa's conservatism on offense is going to lose this game.  The defense has been doing it's part.  But Kirk's philosophy of not using your best skill players on offense will cost Iowa this victory.  You either have a killer instinct or you don't.  And Kirk does not have a killer instinct.  Unless he's negotiating a salary contract.  Then he is 100% killer.

Minnesota had 4th and 13.  I'm surprised they didn't go for the fake knowing that Iowa can't defend it.

Still waiting for Powell . . . and more Weisman

Kirk's obsession with running to the short side is bizarre.

Adam Cox is GOD!!!

Rudock with a nice run for a TD.

Meyer extends his PAT record.



How about a fake once in a while Kirk?

We are keeping Minnesota in this game.  We still don't know how to put teams away.

Why do we suck on 3rd and long when we have to defend it?

Yay!  Iowa stops them on 3rd and 6!


Iowa takes a knee at the end of the first half.  41 seconds with a timeout?  Send Powell on a go route and add another 7 points Kirk!